Kick Internet | How to use Amazon SES with Mail it WordPress Plugin?
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How to use Amazon SES with Mail it WordPress Plugin?


How to use Amazon SES with Mail it WordPress Plugin?

In this tutorial I am going to talk about Brett Rutecky’s upcoming product Mail it WordPress Plugin, how can you integrate it with Amazon’s Simple Email Service (SES).  What is Amazon SES? Amazon SES is an outbound email service, which means you can send emails through it. Now question is how it can work with wordpress website? So before going forward i would like to discuss few more things like Why would you need an email service? Why Amazon SES and what are the benefits of using it. Alright?

Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) is a cost-effective email service built on the reliable and scalable infrastructure that developed to serve its own customer base. With Amazon SES, you can send transactional email, marketing messages, or any other type of high-quality content to your customers.

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Actually big companies or SMEs send emails to their customers. These customers have subscribed their email list with their proper consent but still it can be an issue with email server and it can have limitations on it. Most of the small businesses are using Gmail or auto responders like get-response or mailchimp. But they can have limitations too. This is where SES comes in as this is made for this exact purpose. Amazon SES makes sending emails more reliable and it avoids emails to get landed in SPAM or JUNK folders. Which increases your email inboxing rate and open rate as well.

Why use SES with mail it plugin?

So as you know WordPress is based on PHP programming language and it uses PHP’s default mail() function to send emails which can’t be reliable because your email inboxing depends on many other factors like server’s SPF, DKIM, and size of message.

So if you are using your server’s default SMTP, it will work and send messages to your targeted audience as well, but keep in mind that you can not rely on that because it has limitations and you will have to make sure that the server which you are running your website on and going to use as SMTP server should have properly SPF and DKIM records added and should have verified by DMARC. You don’t have to worry about those things with Amazon SES because it follows all standards and proper procedures.

Pricing : Is it expensive?

Amazon SES comes with free tier for 12 months. This free tier will give you access to all services but with some initial limitations. In Amazon SES you can send 2,000 emails per day if you are using EC2 hosting or it it will cost you $0.10/ 1,000 emails/recipient.
Attaching files costs $0.12 per GB.
So its not expensive though 🙂

How to setup Amazon SES in WordPress with Mail It Plugin?

Setting up Amazon SES to send all your WordPress emails is simple enough. You just have to follow the following instructions.

Step 1

1 : Login to the AWS Console and choose SES service.

Once you choose SES it will land you on SES dashboard where it gives you 3 options to choose from. So you have to click on identity management.

Step 2

2 : Click Identity Management

After choosing this option you have to verify your domain and have to add CNAME and TXT records in your domain registrar’s DNS zone. You may go through this blog to know step by step procedure to get verified your domain name.

Step 3

3 : Verify a New Domain

To the left of your screen click Domains then the Verify a New Domain button. Follow the instructions to verify your domain. (Writing a blog on how to verify New domain… Will be live tonight 20th Aug 2016).

Step 4

4 :Verify a New Email Address

To the left of your screen click Email Addresses then the Verify a New Email Address button. Follow the instructions to verify your email address. (Writing a blog on how to verify email address… Will be live tonight 20th Aug 2016).

Step 5

5 : Click SMTP settings.Make a note of the server name and the various port numbers.

Still in SMTP settings, click Create my SMTP Credentials and, once the SMTP credentials have been created, make a note of the username and password.

Setup Mail It Plugin to send emails with SES

Buy this plugin from here and download it. Now follow the following steps to install and connect with Amazon SES.

1 : Install and activate mail it plugin to your WordPress

2 : Change SMTP details

3 : Send a test email

4 : Ready to go!

Note : Still your account is on sandbox mode. Now you have to get approval to make it live in production mode.

Remove restrictions of Amazon SES

To help protect our customers from fraud and abuse and to help you establish your trustworthiness to ISPs and email recipients, we do not immediately grant unlimited Amazon SES usage to new users. New users are initially placed in the Amazon SES sandbox.

In the sandbox, you have full access to all Amazon SES email-sending methods and features so that you can test and evaluate the service; however, the following restrictions are in effect:

  1. You can only send mail to the Amazon SES mailbox simulator and to verified email addresses and domains.
  2. You can only send mail from verified email addresses and domains.
  3. You can send a maximum of 200 messages per 24-hour period.
  4. Amazon SES can accept a maximum of one message from your account per second

To remove the restriction on recipient addresses and increase your sending limits, you need to open a case in Support Center.
You can learn more about it using the following link:
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